Hey Dj! Here’s a handy tip about your Soundcloud RSS Feed. 

Your RSS Feed is simply your Soundcloud followers, this relates to whether they see your track/mix or not. So if you’ve noticed your mixes getting less attention than before, read on…

Somewhere in the past year Soundcloud made a change in the default settings to where by default your newly posted mix or track does NOT get sent to your followers. Seems silly as default since at least 99% of the time you want your followers to get your music

Anyway, go to the 3 vertical dots at right side of top navigation on Soundcloud. Then select Settings from the drop down

Click the Content tab. Towards bottom, under “Upload Defaults” check the box for “Include in RSS Feed”

Now your newly-posted set or track will go to all your followers by default, like you always wanted it to.

If ever you need to keep something private, you can uncheck the box when you upload in the Permissions tab.