Didn’t know what to write about this week so figure just write about what I’m working on, which right now is Soundcloud Playlists

Playlists are an underused feature on Soundcloud -they allow you some advantages like grouping all your sets from one genre, or from a party you hold residency at, or all your studio mixes, etc.

I play sets of different genres so if I am appealing to a promoter with a specific taste or need, I can give them a playlist of only techno sets, or only deep house sets, etc.

I also have numerous sets released on other organizations Soundcloud accounts – playlists are a handy way of collecting these on my own Soundcloud so people can find them more easily.

Playlists offer another way you can get more exposure for your mixes, a fresh presentation. When you get tired of posting your new mix link, add it to a playlist and post the playlist.  When you post the playlist not only display your new mix but will show all the other tracks in the playlist, encouraging visitors to go deeper into the playlist and explore more of your music.

Right now I am updating all my playlists to keep the music page of my new website fresh.  If we get the site to pull the playlists from Soundcloud then I only need update my Soundcloud playlists and my website music page is automatically up to date.

These are just some ways you may find playlists worth exploring.  If you are using Soundcloud playlists in a similar, or different ways, please share in comments 🙂