What does it mean to become a resident dj somewhere? I feel like there’s a big gap in understanding between promoters and djs on this one. I’m equally invested in both, so here’s my take:

As a dj, I think a residency is a pretty big deal and I’m not trying to be a resident everywhere.

Being asked to be resident dj somewhere I would hope the motivation is based on a genuine connection to my music as well as personally.

Being asked to be resident dj I do not expect to take a pay cut from what I have been making to play the party since that’s not sustainable for me and feels like taking advantage.

Being asked to resident dj I do expect to work a little harder for the party, promote extra hard, help out as I can, etc.

As a promoter, the decision is definitely based on music. Range is very important to me as a resident will certainly be asked to play a variety of set times at my events.

As a promoter I am looking for a resident with hustle, not just to promote my event but also their own dj career.

As a promoter I actually pay my residents a little better than other djs I hire because they do more work and generally command a little more due to the above requirement.