▶️ There are many different approaches to music organization – what do you do to organize your music?

Last week I finished reorganizing my entire digital music collection, for the second time in about 12 years.

The goal of this project was to listen to every track and create new playlists that draw from all 12 years I’ve been buying music digitally.

Here’s what I did. First I made folders for each BPM 116-130, and for bpm ranges for lower and higher extremes (80-89/90-99/100-104/105-109/110-115/130-137)

Then I ordered all my tracks by bpm in iTunes and dragged them into the folders (very quick!)

Then listened to every track assigned to new playlists for different genres, different residencies, different feelings etc (not so quick!)

Recently I also went through my vinyl favorites and downloaded what was available by digital re-release, so I also have a good chunk of the music from my first 10 years as a vinyl dj.

The larger goal of course to have complete command of my favorites of 22 years of music collecting so I can play at my absolute best