Djs, you can do whatever you want, but…

Great way to start a post, right?

So you can do whatever you want, djs, but if I may make a recommendation, as an event organizer…

Make sure you don’t restrict the ability for people to tag you in posts.

Of course people abuse the tag feature, that’s why you turn on your Timeline Review

Let’s face it, djs use their social media presence to promote the gigs they get hired for, in hopes of getting hired again

While it is annoying to be tagged in a post about a party you are not playing, it is far less annoying if you have Timeline Review on, preventing such mis-claims from appearing on your Wall.

So if you didn’t know, it’s a really good idea to turn Timeline Review on so you can review other people’s posts destined for your wall before they automatically post there.

I think some djs got so annoyed with being mis-tagged that they don’t allow their profile to be tagged at all, but I think that’s a big mistake.

The problem is, you are not allowing organizers or other djs to tag you in legit posts about parties you are playing, you are hurting your pull to those events as well as the reach of your profile, by not allowing tagging.

So, you can do whatever you want, just know you get minus points from me if I hire you and can’t tag you in a post about it.

Always welcoming here other perspectives and insight