During the last Out Beyond a portal was opened for a short time. We sent an away team to scout ahead for signs of music.
Communication has been spotty, but just last night we received the following transmission…”Have found suitable base of operations. Upon re-opening portal, leave cold-weather gear behind. Bring great lineup, great sound, cold beverages, shade, misters, and a waterslide!”

We can’t leave these brave festonauts behind, people! And we can’t let them down!

Currently checking off each and every item on the list. Portal will re-open July 20th and 12 Noon.

We’ll be updating this page with specifics on the lineup, time slots, new activations and amenities.
Needless to say, we’ll be leveling up in many ways.

Stay tuned!

Sustenance Update…
Citizens from the Vendor Guild of the outer rim have agreed to send through a street cart. Rumor has it the provisions included will be enough to offer street dogs one day and tamales the next.
Just another option for our non-vegan festonauts. ?

? 5/16/18
Transmission received:
Away team has confirmed scheduling another convergence for the dates we’re scheduled to enter the portal!
A master from the Trinity nebula will arrive and remain for the duration of the portal hop. She has stated that she is ready to teach all who would learn.”

❄️ Keeping cool will be a priority and we’ll be making a number of moves to help facilitate your chill factor. One such way will be delicious Italian Ice!

***Update 5/11/18
Special transmission from our away team…

? Very Important. Limited space and resources. Capping number of Festonauts allowed through the portal.
In order to ensure a truly boutique experience for the guests of this private event no more than 400 spots will be made available for adventurous Festonauts. You’ll be able to reserve your spot on our website soon.

? Only human Festonauts will be allowed through the portal. Leave your monkeys behind. And only Festonauts of legal age. This is a family expedition, so minors are allowed if accompanied by their parents.