Following up on last week’s post about tracklisting dj sets, here is part 2, which is about how to do this in modern times. In the beginning I had to copy the info by hand from record sleeves, well I don’t have to tell you times have changed…

The main advantage with track listing in the digital age is that your track list is auto-saved for you when you play your set from USB/Rekordbox, saving you the bother of remembering or looking up tracks by hand.

? When you play, make sure you use just one usb, linked

? After your gig, open up Rekordbox and insert the USB

? Under the “Devices” tab where you see your USB,

Find the tab “Histories”

? All histories recorded to your usbs are auto-imported and listed here chronologically

? When you click on a history, it displays your track list in Rekordbox. You can also right-click for options to “turn history into a playlist” or “Save Playlist Info” as .txt or .m3u8 file

For creating a written track list, txt is one to choose. Open with Word or Text Edit or any word processing program.

I haven’t quite figured out how to eliminate unnecessary fields so end up deleting the second part of the line and doing a little cleanup to get the easiest desired end result:

track – (remixer/remix) artist