Have some class when trying to get booked.  I know it’s a competitive field, I’m in it too. But a lot of strategies come off as more than a little desperate

What does it mean to have some class? It means to approach things professionally. Here are some common mistakes to avoid:

Number 1 – Don’t ask to play on the event page. It’s not the right place. Find out who the promoter is and send a personal message or some kind.

Number 2 – Don’t make comments on posts that you will only go if you are playing. It’s not a good look, even if you feel that way maybe just keep that inside. By the way it wouldn’t kill you to once in a while go out to something you aren’t booked for. People really love to see that you still care about the scene a little and not just your own dj world.

Number 3 – Be straightforward. Just say you want to be considered and give your mix and epk link. Spare me the story that you just happen to be in Hawaii the weekend I am doing my event there. If you knew how many people used that line you would stop.

Number 4 – Don’t campaign, drop constant hints, or be too persistent. This is a turn-off to me, I am much more likely to hire someone who tactfully submitted a mix and info and followed up once or twice. The more you ask, the more I don’t want to hire you, sorry it’s the truth!

Number 5 – Be realistic. If you have been playing 2 years and the event has been going on 20 years it may not be a good fit. If you don’t have a recent mix or a soundcloud account or a bio or a good picture you aren’t ready. Check out the artists who have been announced or have played in the past – if you aren’t familiar with them and theie style is way different from yours you are probably barking up the wrong tree. Maybe you have unlimited time for unlimited trees but I don’t, so when I try to get booked somewhere I am pretty careful to think I have a chance first.

Number 6 – Don’t get mad if you don’t get booked. Remember as the talent booker, I don’t owe you anything. People sometimes get burnt that I’ve never hired them. There are millions of djs out there, I will never get to most of them. Just because you’ve never been hired by me doesn’t make it your turn.

What have you done for me? Ever think of that? I don’t play the trade game, but it strikes me as ridiculous when someone is mad at me for not hiring them, yet they’ve never done jack shit for me. Why would you think that I owe you something if you’ve never done something for me? I just don’t get that. In any case, getting mad at someone about not getting booked is definitely not going to help your case in future

Not trying to be negative, just constructive, hope this is helpful.