Once in a while this topic will come up, I will offend someone by not sharing their sentiments about sharing usb drives. The argument goes that we should all just share our music collections with each other because this just spreads the love of the music, but let me tell you why sharing is not caring when it comes to your tracks for 2 simple reasons:

(1) Sharing tracks means you’re not paying for them. If you grab your friend’s collection you are not supporting the artists.

(2) Sharing tracks doesn’t lead to a unique style. Picking out music with your own ear does.

Of course, sharing music you produce is different. And not everyone has the same goals djing, or cares about having a unique sound.

This just my opinion and why such music sharing doesn’t work for me. And hopefully you consider what I say about supporting artists you love by purchasing their tracks instead of freely downloading from your friend’s usb 😉