Since there is a 50% off Beatport coupon ending today I decided to write a quick column about how I sift through all the music that’s out there. The problem on Beatport is too much music to sort through – read on for tips

(1) You can shop wherever you want but I shop at Beatport because it’s all there, more than I could even deal with, but I will provide some help below

(2) The most important thing for me has been saving my favorite artists into My Beatport and really paying attention to that curation, remembering to add new artists to my favorites as they come up. I don’t do too much with the labels beyond a few super favorites because having labels in the mix typically creates too much variety and adds too much unwanted music to my stream.

(3) Having made the investment to carefully select artists for my stream keeps me from having to go through an impossible amount of content, but just barely. Don’t forget to delete artists and labels if they are releasing a lot and the content overall is almost always skippable.

(4) It’s still daunting keeping up with all of it, and that’s in large part because the same track is typically released across different labels and genres for wider exposure. The downside being, a big waste of time for the listener because you keep hearing the same tracks come up in your feed, tracks you’ve already listened to and made a decision on.

So the next tip I have is to do your listening at Crates will import your Beatport cart, determine what’s already been released and eliminate that, giving you only truly new releases. It’s not 100% accurate but it works wonders.

Note – this is not recommended for someone starting out, or checking back in after a long break, because you will miss content you might need

But, if you can keep up with music on a regular basis, Crates is super helpful in making sure you only get the freshest content from your artists. I find it possible for me to keep up with my streamlined stream, if very focused, in about an hour a week.

(5) When you finish at Crates it will redirect you to Beatport to purchase. Don’t forget that 50% off coupon! SAVE50 still good through 11PST tonight

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