DJ ing out at Halloween or costume parties can be a really fun experience, and can also be a total nightmare!

The thing you wanna keep in mind is that you have to still have fun while you’re DJing 🙂

It’s no good if you stress out so much about your costume that you’re not in a good head space.

It’s also no good if your costume is so uncomfortable that you can’t DJ as well as normal.

For example one year I DJ-ed at Howl in Portland in a really incredible rat suit that my friend Jenny loaned me.

Only thing was I could barely DJ in the thing – I was a real stiff rat up there and I didn’t have that much fun

To cap it off my friend Andrew’s dog thought I really was some kind of giant beast and barked at me constantly at the afterparty. Even after I took the rat suit off – he knew I was still the rat! So I had to just go to bed.

Since then I have thought about this a lot more and have made sure that I had something to comfortable to DJ in and didn’t lose sight of the fact that things are supposed to be fun on Halloween, not stressful.

So this is my light topic for today – Halloween – keep it light out there, have a good time, smile enjoy your set, make sure if you’re not comfortable to adjust so that you are ♡

I’d love to hear your Halloween stories good or bad !!