Back in vinyl days, keeping 2 records in sync was considerably more difficult and you could hear the differences in the technical skill of the djs a lot more. One basic principle was never letting the music stop. There was no loop function – you really could not fake it.

Now of course you can easily loop a section of your track to repeat itself infinitely so the track never ends

I want to suggest that this is something you save for an EMERGENCY situation. Like less than a minute left and either you took your pee break, or the dj before you left you no time, or something like that

I see a lot of newer DJs use the loop function on EVERY single track. That is a bad idea!

When you loop the same 4 bars, or 8, or 16, or whatever, you are creating a very boring pattern of the same section of music. You are losing the dynamic energy of a track gradually moving towards its end interacting with a track building energy from it’s beginning to thicker parts.

Worse… you are not challenging yourself to become a more skilled mixer. You are being lazy plain and simple. And if your excuse is to vibe the crowd better then shame on you, get better at DJing first please!

That said, you don’t have to loop your track before I go on. I want to mix out of your whole track not just a few bars over and over. I can see using the loop function in an emergency situation but one minute or more left in your track is not an emergency for me, thanks!

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having a place to dj and promote themselves.

Now there’s nothing wrong with having a place to dj and promoting yourself, it’s just not the right reason to organize an event

The right reason to organize an event is for the love of bringing people together and the opportunity to provide a special experience for them, and that will always reflect in the result.

Organizing an event is one of the hardest things you could try to do, especially the more involved ones.  But it’s also an opportunity to really make something special.  It’s a lot more than just a place to dj so when that’s all someone is trying to do, you can also feel that.

I would encourage anyone thinking about throwing events to think beyond what it can do for their dj career, and more about what can your event add to what’s already out there, and how it’s going to stand out.

What is the vision, why do this event?  Reality is it will take a lot more than intention and vision to pull it off, and after careful planning and implementation there’s still a lot that can go awry.  Sometimes even seasoned organizers feel like it’s something of a miracle when they pull an event off successfully