First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR!  I hope you all had an amazing time celebrating and that things are off to a great start!

Today’s MDJM is about the DJ booth, and rather than start off complaining, I’d like to start off with praise!  My most recent experience with the DJ booth was NYE with Chinosound, who over all delivers the best dj booth out there.

It’s shocking how overlooked this area sometimes is, and how many times I’ve played on a massive sound system presented to the crowd, with a half-baked speaker or 2 for the dj to monitor on.

There’s a disconnect when you play a set that the crowd can hear crystal clear but which has you struggling in the booth.

Think about it.  The crowd gets a full range experience, with bass bins handling the bass and mid to high range speakers handling those frequencies, everything positioned to hit people in the right places.  And the dj gets just one speaker on the ground?  Hopefully not but too often the case.

It’s a rookie move.  Logic says give the DJ great sound so they experience the music on the same level as the crowd.  Logic says give the DJ great sound so they will play their best.  DJs need 2 monitors at ear level on opposite sides, and a dedicated bass bin to experience the sound on the same level as the crowd

But sometimes logic fails and all the attention goes to the obvious.

So if you are an aspiring sound guy lol, may I suggest start with the dj booth and work from there

A college friend recommended spending 20% of what you spend on your new car on the audio.  I know, true audiophile.

If we could apply the same formula and spend 20% of sound system budget on the booth imagine the results!
Perhaps that’s overkill but I’ve played on way too many 50K sound systems on a $400 monitor on the ground and gotta tell ya…it ain’t cool!|

I would love to hear your perspective as always, please comment your thoughts and experiences with the dj ooth 🙂

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