How do you keep it fresh? if you play out occasionally it’s relatively easy. But if you play out a lot, it’s much bigger challenge… What are some guidelines?

In general I have some rules I follow…

– When playing at a town don’t repeat tracks you played on last visit.

– Try not to over-saturate yourself in a city, pay attention to spacing. Playing different styles and getting hired for different styles helps

– Playing in town, also try not to over saturate – though you will likely play more in your hometown than any one other destination. Locally it may be more necessary to repeat tracks but make sure you do it in a unique way

Buy a lot of new music, but also go back through your collection. Great tracks from 2 years ago will still seem fresh (unless you’re playing the big hits, cause that’s never really that fresh!)

Enough about me… how do you keep it fresh?

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